Ira Chartarum is a collectible trading card game that is played on a huge board out of hex fields. It’s innovative combination of traditional trading card games and tabletop elements creates a new genre of online gaming.

In Ira Chartarum you play as one of the two coalitions: the human world or the fantasy world. Within each coalition there are three factions with different playstyles that can be played individually or together to create different strategies.

Core of the game is your Main building that produces incrementally more resources each turn. Your Main buildings grants you a buildrange in which you can deploy units and buildings. You can move and attack with your units and once you have destroyed your opponent’s Main building, you win the game. But be aware: your opponent might be ahead of you and place hidden traps on the board or counter your spells. Use the terrain to your favor with Terraform spells that change a hex for a given time, giving units on it bonuses or maluses depending on the spell.

You can find out more about the factions right here:

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