Coalition: Humans

Special ability: Fuse

Favorite card type: Units

Archetype: Combo

Ever heard of Luxha, the City of Light? Of Pharaoh Thidameses, III.? No? Then sit down and listen.

solamidLuxha is the City of Light. In this solarpunk world set in Ancient Egypt, everything is driven by Lux, the Holy Light. The mighty Solamids, giant, light-powered pyramids are the center of the infrastructure in Luxha. The ancient God Thi-Nul reigns over the country. Only few mortals have ever encountered the holy Ruler and thus know he is, in fact, a super computer. His godly rules and orders are executed by the most powerful man on earth, Pharao Thidameses III., the Lightbringer. Some say he has the power to return the dead back to life using his scepter.

Day to day life in Luxha is quite hard for the 99% that are not born rich. They work in excavation sites, pyramids or on the fields. Dinosaurs and other ancient creatures that have been reconstructed in the holy Solamid help them doing their day-to-day work.

But deep below in the pyramids, where the light shines brightest, are the true geniuses of the Archaeology faction: scientists, that you would call mad, insane or weird. They use the power of the Light to extract DNA from living beings and infuse them into other ones. Thus, they create monstrosities never seen before. Zombie Dinosaurs and Spirit Mummies are only some of the cruel experiments they’ve done so far.

Nak-nak, a simple peasant working on the fields of Tat, recently disappeared. It is said that his body had an anomaly and he hadn’t been sick once in his whole life. He vanished. And let’s hope the scientists are not behind this…

Mechanic spotlight: Fuse

Units with the Fuse mechanic can be played just like normal units. But you may play them as well for their fuse cost. If you do so, you chose another friendly unit on the board, then add the Fuse card’s attack, life and movement, as well as the unit type, fuse cost and special abilities to the base unit. This way, you can create a stronger version of an already good unit. Note, that you cannot fuse each unit more than once.

snake + trex = snex

Nak-Nak, the Chosen One is one of the three Archaeology heroes. He is quite weak on his own and dies by the smallest amount of damage. His ability Unknown Potential allows you to fuse any number of cards onto him, making him the strongest creature ever.